“Iyawo, wake up. Let’s get the kids ready for school”. My phone alarm had rang about 5 minutes earlier, but I wanted some extra minutes of sleep. However, my dear oko mi (Means ‘My husband’ in Yoruba language) rudely spoiled my plans. We were targeting leaving the house before 7am. My kid’s school is less than 15 minutes drive from our house but we had to leave early to beat traffic.

Meanwhile, I had a training that day. In January, I started a 10-day photography training at eloPhotos Academy. We didn’t finish the last module so it was rescheduled for this day.

After our morning prayers, I quickly brushed my teeth and had my shower. While I attended to the kids, oko mi helped to prepare their school lunch and breakfast. About an hour later, we were out of the house. After we dropped the kids at school, I requested for a Bolt ride (formerly Taxify) straight to eloPhotos studio. After waiting for about 30 minutes for more participants to arrive, Mr. Seun Akisanmi, the Founder of eloPhotos commenced the training.

The module was on “Website & Social Media for Photographers” where we learned how to design and manage our photography website using WordPress. We also learned the importance of using social media such as Facebook and Instagram as branding and marketing tool for our photography business. The training lasted for about 5 hours with a few minutes break in between. At the end of the training, Mr. Seun gave us an assignment to create a website with WordPress and write nothing more than 500 words post about ‘what happened in our lives that day’ to be submitted via email next week Monday.

After the training, I practically dragged followed one of my colleagues, Esther, who dropped me somewhere close to where I could order a Bolt ride home. My driver was an elderly man called Mr. Ephraim. While heading home, I was so engrossed in Michelle Obama’s book, ‘Becoming’, that he asked if I was reading for an exam. Earlier this year, I made a decision to improve my reading habits and joined a book club. Every month we ensure we finish reading the book of the month before our hangouts which holds every last Sunday of the month. I had volunteered to moderate a chapter of the book during the upcoming hangout. So I was bent on finishing it soon. Apart from that, the book is very inspiring, hence why I was so engrossed.

Got home about 4pm, greeted the kids and oko mi and activated motherhood role! I cleared the kids lunch bags, sorted their uniform for the next day, did their homework and made dinner. At about 7pm I was done and finally finished reading the last chapter of ‘Becoming’. By 8.30pm, I changed the kids into their pajamas, gave them a cup of chocolate drink and dragged followed them to bed. I was so tired that I ended up knocking off with them.

The end!

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